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Uses Permitted for Phase II Lakes Business Park

The following permitted use table will provide you with information about what is permitted in Phase II of the Lakes Business Park according to the Town of Gilford zoning regulations for an (I) industrial zone .

I= Industrial Zone
Y= Permitted
E= Special Exception

4.1 Open Space Uses

4.1.1 Agriculture Y
4.1.2 Conservation Y
4.1.3 Forestry Y
4.1.4 Parking Facility Y
4.1.5 Sand, Gravel Removal E

4.3 Commercial Uses

4.3.1 Amusements, Indoor E
4.3.3 Auto & Marine Light Repair Shop Y
4.3.5 Business Office Y
4.3.7 Commercial Storage Facility E
4.3.8 Fuel Dispensing Station E
4.3.10 Greenhouse Y
4.3.14.a Motel/Hotel E
4.3.15 Outdoor Recreation E
4.3.16 Personal Service Shop E
4.3.18 Radio & TV Tower Y
4.3.19 Repair Shop Y
4.3.20 Restaurant, Public Assembly E
4.3.22 Retail Store E
4.3.23 Salesroom E
4.3.24 Vending Y

4.4 Industrial Uses

4.4.1 Warehouse or Wholesale Marketing Y
4.4.2.a Industrial Uses, Medium E
4.4.2.b Industrial Uses, Light Y
4.4.3 Construction Yard Y
4.4.4 Auto, Marine, & Truck Repair Garage Y
4.4.6 Airport - Public E
4.4.7 Boat Storage Y

4.5 Institutional Uses

4.5.5 Nursery/Daycare E
4.5.6 School E

4.6 Accessory Uses

4.6.1 Airport - Private E
4.6.2 Accessory Services Y
4.6.3 Accessory Building Y
4.6.5 Home Occupation Y
4.6.6 Outdoor Storage Y
4.6.9 Swimming Pool Y
4.6.10 Yard Sale Y
4.6.11 Outdoor Display Y
4.6.13 Special Events, Outdoor Y
4.6.14 Drive-Through Window E
4.6.15 Home Office Y
4.6.16 Airplane Hanger Y
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