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Why are types of properties valued differently?
All properties are valued at their full market value. Analysis of market sales will help in determining to what extent any differences in properties affect their value. Styles, size, condition, and location may affect property values differently. Similarly, property type, rents, expenses, and investment risk may affect commercial properties.

What sales will be used in determining market value?
Each year sales that occurred between April 1, and March 31 will be analyzed and used to determine value.

Will assessed values change as the market values of property changes?
Every year the City will be reviewing and analyzing sales of properties. If the market value increases or decreases, the City will consider these changes and make appropriate adjustments to the assessments reflecting the market value of the property as of April 1st of each year. These changes will reflect on your final tax bill each year.

Will my new assessment be exactly the same as my recent purchase price?
Probably not exactly. All sales between April 1 and March 31 will be used to determine new assessments. Your purchase price is one sale out of hundreds that will be used in the analysis. Your assessment will reflect the most probable sale price you would expect to receive. Where comparable sales are rare or non-existent in your neighborhood, sales from similar areas in the City will be used to determine value.

When should I expect to receive my tax bill?
Tax bills are issued twice a year, once in July and once in December. The July bill is typically ½ of the previous years total unless you have made physical changes to your property. The December bill reflects your "final value" for the year, the value determined after the sales analysis is completed.

What if I disagree with the new assessment?
After you receive your final bill, you have until March 1st, to file an abatement with the City. If you still disagree with your assessment, you may appeal to the Board of Tax and Land Appeals or Superior Court by September 1, 2008. See "Abatements" for more information.

How do I know if the information the City has on record is accurate?
You should review the information the City has on your home making sure it is accurate. If you find discrepancies, you should ask for an inspection of your home. You may view the City's data online at or visit the Assessing office located in City Hall.

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