Laconia: City on the Lakes

Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

Laconia Aerial Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

City of Laconia Planning Department

Laconia Heart and Soul Master Plan Update


HOW is this different from past planning projects?

The City of Laconia has always sought public input on projects around the City.  The Heart and Soul process brings a new way of seeking and gathering values, opinions, and information from Laconia's citizens.  Specifically, the City aims to draw out voices that are usually not heard, and to ensure that policies and practices are properly and fully aligned with community values. The Master Plan is not a regulating document, it is instead a document that lays out the roadmap of where the City Wants to be today and in the future.

HOW are you going to do that?

Laconia Heart & Soul Project aims to do things differently; to help make planning for the future truly planning for OUR future, because if we don't figure out what we want to be, somebody else may decide for us. We want to work with more than the same handful of folks who show up to "official" meetings.  We aim to explore innovative and exciting ways to engage the citizens of Laconia.  While the Master Plan process will involve some hard work, it should also be engaging and fun!

HOW can I help?

Laconia Heart & Soul Project asks you and your friends and neighbors to join us and spread the word about this enterprise. For more information contact Shanna Saunders, Planning Director at, 527-1264. Stay tuned for opportunities to participate!

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