Laconia: City on the Lakes

Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

Laconia Aerial Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

City of Laconia Planning Department

Laconia Heart and Soul Master Plan Update


WHERE in the City will this have an effect?

The eventual product of this process, the updated Master Plan, will affect every area of the City.  The Master Plan will outline the goals, objectives, and actions for land use, economic development, housing, transportation, and community facilities, among other important elements of the City's future.  The contents of the Master Plan then inform action items for your City staff and government, including such things as project prioritization, budgeting, and policy and ordinance development.

WHERE will you be seeking input, participation, and vision from?

We are seeking input, participation, and vision from each and every one of Laconia's residents and business owners.  It is important to get a complete picture of what you want to see in your City.  The City of Laconia has always sought public input on projects around the City.  The Heart and Soul process brings a new way of seeking and gathering values, opinions, and information from Laconia's citizens.  Specifically, the City aims to draw out voices that are usually not heard, and to ensure that policies and practices are properly and fully aligned with community values.  In short, we will be looking EVERYWHERE to find and expose the voices and visions of everyone in the City.

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