Laconia: City on the Lakes

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City of Laconia Planning Department

Laconia Heart and Soul Master Plan Update


WHO are you?

We are a group of local residents, business owners, volunteers, and City staff who want to learn what YOU-and all of your neighbors-think about what matters most in Laconia, and what you would like the City's future to be like.

We are funded in part by human and financial resources from our Partners: the Orton Family Foundation, the New Hampshire listens program of the UNH Carsey Institute, and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.


WHO will this involve?

YOU! Together with your neighbors, other residents, civic organizations and business owners, your involvement and input is critical in forming a cohesive, common vision for the future of Laconia.

Heart & Soul Laconia will be guided by a Master Plan Advisory Team (MPAT) of volunteers dedicated to enriching our community by creating opportunities for broad-based citizen engagement in planning Laconia's future. The MPAT is made up of residents, business owners, and members of non-profit groups around the City.  The Team is open to any individual with an interest in and commitment to stewarding a vibrant and inclusive community.

City staff and boards will also play critical roles in information sharing, event planning, data gathering, and other important tasks.

WHO will this affect?

The Master Plan drives and directs the City in its choices for many things, including budgeting, policy, ordinance development and project prioritization.  So, this project and its resulting Master Plan will affect everyone who lives, works, and plays in the City.  Your participation is crucial to ensuring the final Master Plan reflects the vision and direction you want for your City.

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