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Driveway Permits

Driveway permits are issued for new construction as well as to existing homeowners who are either paving any existing gravel/earth driveway, or resurfacing an existing paved driveway or access. The intention of the driveway permit is to assure proper drainage from the private driveway access to the public right-of-way on City accepted streets.

Modifications to driveways for the following must be approved by the Planning Department prior to issuance of a driveway permit by the DPW:

  • Any modification to an existing single family dwelling unit for driveways greater than 1500 square feet.
  • Conversion of green space to paved surface (between 100 and 1500 square feet).
  • For dwellings that have greater than two units.
  • Any commercial establishment.

Any driveway modification proposing the removal of existing curbing will require a site inspection and prior approval of the Laconia DPW before the issuance of a permit.

The homeowner or the contractor normally executes the driveway permit, and must call the DPW for an inspection at the time the contractor is performing the work.

Driveway permits are not required in private developments when connecting to private roads.

Sample Driveway Permit


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