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Results / Awards

Lakeport Fire Station Purchase Proposal - Lakeport Landing Marina

Lakeport Fire Station Purchase Proposal - CJ Avery's

Lakeport Fire Station Purchase Proposal - Scott Everett

Lakeport Fire Station Purchase Proposal - Lakeside Landscaping

BID No. 1702-02 Spreaders

RFP No. 1701-03 IT Consulting Services

RFQ No. 1701-02 On Call Engineering Services - Infrastructure

RFQ No. 1611-03 Structural Engineering Services - Weirs Fire Station

BID No. 1611-02 Patrol Rifles with Accessories

RFP No. 1611-01 Trench Paving Services

RFP No. 1610-06 Website Design Services

BID No. 1610-05 Angle Plow

BID No. 1610-04 Stainless Spreader

BID No. 1610-03 Brine Sprayer

BID No. 1610-02 Brine Making System

RFP No. 1610-01 Memorial Park Irrigation Services

RFP No. 1609-02 Random Crack Sealing Searvices

BID No. 1609-01 Sewer Main Replacement - North Main Street

RFP No. 1608-05 Leavitt Park AC Project

RFP No. 1608-04 Investment Management Services

RFP No. 1608-03 Generator Supply and Installation - Lakeside Ave PS

RFP No. 1608-02 Sewer Cleaning and CCTV Insp. with Asset Condition GIS

RFP No. 1608-01 Gold Street Utility Bridge Replacement

RFP No. 1607-02 Tardiff Park House Flooring Project

RFP No. 1607-01 Leavitt Park House AC Project

BID No. 1606-02 Heating Oil Winter 16-17

BID No. 1605-05 Grounds Maintenance Supplies

RFQ No. 1605-04 On Call Sewer Engineering Services

BID No. 1605-03 Frank Bean Rd Burn Dump Capping Project

BID No. 1605-02 Portable Toilets - Motorcycle Week

RFP No. 1605-01 CDBG Grant Administrator

RFP No. 1604-03 Library Video Camera System Upgrades

RFP No. 1604-02 Commercial Property Revaluation Services

RFP No. 1604-01 Irrigation Installation Services

RFP No. 1603-03 Plan Review Services

RFP No. 1603-02 Inflow Investigative Services

BID Bridge Repairs

BID WOW Trail Phase II Construction

RFQ No. 1602-01 Bridge Engineering Services

RFP No. 1601-01 CDBG Grant Administrator

RFP No. 1512-01 Payroll Timekeeping Software

BID No. 15110-3 Frank Bean Rd Property Abatement and Demo

RFP No. 1511-02 Wheeled Loader

BID No. 1511-01 Patrol Rifles and Accessories

BID No. 1510-02 Plow Equipment

BID No. 1510-01 Traffic Signal Loop Detector Eval/Repair

BID No. 1509-05 Fencing Supply and Installation

BID No. 1509-04 Police Van

RFP No. 1509-03 CDBG Administrator

RFP No. 1509-01 IT Consulting Services

RFP No. 1507-09 Parking Garage Video Camera Upgrades

BID No. 1507-08 Heating Oil 15-16 Season

RFP No. 1507-07 Bucket Truck

BID No. 1507-05 Lockers

RFP No. 1507-04 USPAP Manual Development Services

RFP No. 1507-03 LFD Phone System

RFP No. 1507-02 Appraising Services

BID No. 1507-01 ADA Compliant Appliances

RFP No. 1506-03 Communications Equipment

BID No. 1506-02 Grounds Maintenance Supplies

BID No. 1506-01 Tax Deeded Property Sale

BID No. 1505-03 Riverwalk Staircase

RFP No. 1505-02 Economic Consultant

BID No. 1505-01 Portable Toilets for Motorcycle Week

RFP No. 1504-04 Grassland Management

RFQ No. 1504-03 Traffic Engineering Services

RFP No. 1504-02 On Call Sewer System Cleaning and Repair Services

BID No. 1504-01 Highway Striping Services

BID No. 1503-05 Robotic Hybrid Total Station

RFP No. 1503-04 Telecommunications Services

BID No. 1503-03 Street Sweeping Services

RFP No. 1503-02 Records Preservation Services

RFQ No. 1503-01 Construction Inspection Services

2015 Roadway & Sidewalk Improvements

RFQ No. 1502-01 Surveying Services

RFP No. 1501-02 Surveillance Video Camera Systems

BID No. 1501-01 Sanitary Sewer Wet Well Cleaning

BID No. 1412-03 Abatement & Demo - 60 Fillmore Ave

RFP No. 1412-02 CCTV Equipment

RFP No. 1412-01 Waste Oil Furnace Supply and Install

BID No. 1411-01 Dump Body

BID No. 1410-02 Central Fire Station Additions and Renovations

BID No. 1410-01 Command Vehicle

BID No. 1409-03 Snow Plowing Services

RFP No. 1409-02 Tennis Court Reconditioning Services

RFP No. 1409-01 DPW HVAC Upgrades

BID No. 1408-03 Winter Road Maintenance Sand

RFQ No. 1408-02 CM Services Fire Station Additions and Renovations

BID No. 1408-01 Clearwater Pump Station Upgrades

RFP No. 1407-06 Retaining Wall Materials & Services

BID No. 1407-05 Heating Oil 14/15 Heating Season

BID No. 1407-04 Traffic Signal Alterations Union/Gilford Ave

RFP No. 1407-03 Grassland Managment

BID No. 1407-02 Tax Deeded Property Sale

BID No. 1407-01 Police Interceptors

BID No. 1406-01 Door Handle & Lock Installations

RFP 1405-04 CDBG Grant Administrator

BID No. 1405-02 MC Week Portable Toilets

BID No. 1405-01 Solid Waste & Recycling Curbside Collection

BID No. 1404-05 Highway Striping Services

RFP No. 1404-04 Gym Floor Replacement

BID No. 1404-03 Grounds Maintenance Supplies

BID No. 1404-02 Concrete Products

BID No. 1404-01 Utility Castings

BID No. 1403-02 F250 Truck with Accessories

RFP No. 1403-01 SCADA Project

RFP No. 1402-01 ArcGIS Implementation Services

BID No. 1312-01 Thermal Imaging Camera


RFP No. 1311-05 Building Code Inspection Services

RFP No. 1344-04 DPW Garage Heating Units

RFP No. 1311-03 Gas Burner Conversion for City Hall

RFP No. 1311-02 Auditing Services

RFP No. 1311-01 Keasor Court Generator Replacement

BID No. 1310-04 Plow Attachement

RFP No. 1310-03 Various Roofing Projects

RFP No. 1310-01 SCADA Communications Analysis

RFP 1309-02 Testing Services for Fire Dept Capt and Lt Exams

RFP No. 1309-01 Fluvial Geomorphology Services

BID - Weirs Community Park Construction

RFP No. 1308-03 City Hall Generator

BID 1308-02 Police Interceptors

RFP 1308-01 LPD Phone System Upgrades

RFP - CDBG Grant Administration

BID No. 1307-05 - Winter Road Maintenance Sand

BID No. 1307-04 DPW Pickup Truck

BID No. 1307-03 No. 2 Heating Oil for 2013-14 Heating season

RFP No. 1307-02 Roofing Replacement Services

RFP No. 1307-01 Lead Paint Removal and Painting Services

RFP No. 1306-01 Retaining Wall Supplies and Services

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