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The Committee structure of the Council and the procedures governing all committees shall be follows. All appointments to these committees shall be the duty and responsibility of the Mayor:

Committee Of The Whole
The Council shall be the Committee Of the Whole, composed of the entire Council sitting as a legislative study committee on any topic. The Mayor chairs the Committee of the Whole.

Special Ad Hoc Council Study Committees
Special Ad Hoc Council study committees may be created by the Council for a particular purpose, or when the issue is so complex and time consuming that it cannot be reasonably handled at a Council or Committee of the Whole meeting. Council study committees shall consist of three Council members appointed by the Presiding Officer. Special Council committees shall sunset at the end of their mission, but no later than the end of each calendar year unless specifically continued by the Council thereafter for a specified time period.

This committee shall review matters such as accounts and claims, personnel, elections, recounts and inauguration. Council Members: Henry Lipman, Chair, Robert Hamel and Brenda Baer.

Government Operations
This committee shall review matters such as Weirs Beach, Cable TV, Industrial Development, and all local ordinances. Council Members: Ava Doyle, Chair, David Bownes and Armand Bolduc.

Laconia Human Relations Committee:  The Laconia Human Relations Committee is a Mayor's Committee.  The Committee's mission statement includes cultivation of a community-wide climate that does not tolerate prejudice of any kind which undermines the dignity of any person, and promotion of equal opportunity for all people.  The Mayor appoints members to this Committee.  The current Chair is Leonard Campbell.

Land and Buildings
This committee shall review all matters related to municipally owned land, buildings, parks and commons. Council Members: Robert Hamel, Chair, Henry Lipman and Armand Bolduc.

Public Safety
This committee shall review matters related to the fire department, police department, code enforcement, licenses, parking and traffic. Council Members: Brenda Baer, Chair, David Bownes, Ava Doyle 

Public Works
The committee shall review matters related to roads, bridges, sidewalks, street lighting, sewers, water, storm drains and refuse disposal. Council Members: Armand Bolduc, Chair, Brenda Baer, David Bownes.

This committee shall review matters related to schools and public instruction. Council Members: Henry Lipman, Ava Doyle and Robert Hamel.

Council members may serve as liaisons to various city departments and/or organizations. These liaisons shall be appointed by the Mayor unless otherwise provided by ordinance or the city charter.

Belknap Eco. Dev. Council Henry Lipman
Capital Improvement Projects Robert Hamel
Heritage Commission Ava Doyle
Human Relations Mayor Edward Engler
Joint Committee on Building Decommissioned, will re-form
Lakes Region Public Access (LRPA) Robert Hamel
Library Brenda Baer
Parks & Recreation Commission Robert Hamel
Planning Board David Bownes (Alternate Brenda Baer)
Police Commission Brenda Baer
Race & Rally Armand Bolduc
Water Works Armand Bolduc


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